#P2F: Collecting documents

In continuity with the petition against the P2F practice (pay to fly) last year, in a joint effort with the AGEPAC and the SNPL, we are now looking to gather as many documents as possible (that will be treated in all discretion) to establish evidences AGAINST the practice.

Contracts, invoices, leaflets, scan, pdf...

  • Send your documents at or
  • Use the anonymous interface below

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    • Knowing who the third party “service” providers are, is indeed important (and you can keep naming who they are, as we surely missed some)

      When possible however, we prefer contracts, deals ready to be signed or already signed, because they contain the name of the companies profiting from those schemes and are legally unchallengeable.

  1. Farnair on 2012 was asking 1.250euro for the assessment in their facilities in Zurich (HORIZON, Kloten, CH) for a P2F type-rating scheme; it means 8 pilots per day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks per month: it is about 200.000euros per months …about 2 millions euro per year!!!
    To successfull candidates were offered a self sponsor 27.700euro TR course (ATR 42_72) for a “12 month or 400hrs/whichever comes first” LEP contract (line flying building experience(?!?))

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