040-Human performance


040 JAR-FCL's learning objectives.

Reminder: JAR-FCL stands for Joint Aviation Requirements for Flight Crew Licensing.
We're talking here about technical texts elaborated by the different JAA working groups which don't have international scale law value.
It is each JAA' state (Joint Aviation Authorities - European Union members that ratified the Rome treaty) that commit themselves to enforce the JAR by introducing their own national rules (with their own national particularities).

For a stronger headache, you can consult:

Official doc:


       Accident de Portland.pdf132.78KB
       Accident des Everglades.pdf5.78MB
       Accident du Potomac.pdf164.83KB
       CFIT et drogue.pdf129.22KB
       CFIT Guam.pdf1.64MB
       Dpressurisation lente.pdf172.19KB
       Incident TCAS.pdf2.68MB
       Incursion sur piste DTW.pdf107.22KB
       La chaine d'erreur.pdf51.71KB
       Le bon CRM.doc.pdf919.76KB
       Le bon CRMdoc.pdf919.76KB
       Lillusion de Conrad Kraft.pdf188.70KB
       Oubli des volets dcollage.pdf154.12KB
       Perte de contrle dcollage.pdf1.06MB
       Sortie de piste.pdf662.75KB
       COURS IAAG_fh040.ppt7.46MB
       Chap2 1-Physio.pps1.33MB
       Chap2 2-Physio.pps1.81MB
       Chap2 3-Physio.pps2.20MB
       Prsentation cours.pps689.00KB
 040-Need To Know.doc44.50KB


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