This page, that I call "Theoretical", refers to what is known as the "theoretical ATPL", as opposed to the "practical ATPL".
Here, instead of dealing with our practical exams:

  • the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence - our professional pilot licence), and
  • the IR (Instrument Rating - our ability to operate without visual references),

we'll try to deal only with the 14 certificates (or modules) that constitute the theoretical ATPL.

As stated and summed up by both our ministry of equipments, transport and housing and our ministry of defense, their timing and legitimacy used to be set as described in the following "arrêté":

 Arrete du 26 juillet 1999.pdf37.23KB
 Planning.pdf398.26KB viewable on "bulletin-officiel.developpement-durable.gouv" but is now SUPERSEDED by the arrêté du 31 Mai 2010" that went into effect the 20th October 2010.

Alternate link here

Per certificate, we propose:

  • an introduction reminding the JAR-FCL learning objectives (to understand what our authorities expect us to know)
  • ATPL courses (when we have any to provide)
  • a MCQ database (-QCM in french- aimed at giving you some training...)


Hover over one to see its title first.

[010] [021] [022] [031] [032] [033] [040]
[050] [061] [062] [070] [080] [091] [092]

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