Original disclaimer: "This website is an attempt at promoting professional air pilots in order to help them fulfil what we all hope being a long and successful carreer.

Among youngsters we do share the belief that finding one's 1st cockpit can get difficult at times which is why we hope this initiative will be followed and, more importantly, that it will bear fruit."



Ont aidé, ponctuellement ou encore maintenant, dans l'ordre:

  • Benjamin LERUSTE
  • Jonathan ABRAHAM
  • Paul-Edouard Thévenin-Lebran
  • Théo PITAVAL
  • Guillaume BAGNON
  • Jules FABRE


CockpitSeeker a été créée fin 2010 et a beaucoup changé depuis.

Sur le conseil d'un proche, le site sert au départ à publier des CV sur le net afin d'augmenter la visibilité des pilotes en recherche d'emploi. Cette plateforme est d'ailleurs toujours en ligne et disponible via

Le site s'élargit ensuite pour faire place à l'entraide pilote par le partage gratuit d'informations qui étaient trop souvent payantes (pour une valeur ajoutée souvent bien pauvre).
D'abord à l'époque sur le FCL1028 (maintenant FCL055) puis les manuels avion, le FI, les films, les EOPN, puis l'ENAC...
La marque CockpitSeeker sera déposée fin 2012 afin de protéger l'activité du site, sous régime auto-entrepreneur.

Bonne visite aux pilotes/aspirants pilote.
Vous pouvez partager vos documents avec nous via l'interface ci-dessous:

Pour nous contacter:

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  1. Most of the times i visit a blog I see that the construction is poor and the writting bad. Regarding your blog,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

  2. The most difficult thing is to find a blog with unique and fresh content but your blog is different. Keep it like this.

  3. Very Nice website. I recently built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and you gave me a few. The website was developed by you?


    • Yes. I do give full credit though to the wordpress blog tool and publishing platform that saved me the initial php coding and the lightword theme developed by Andrei Luca that I modified to suit my needs.
      Long live open source…

      Good luck for your website.

  4. Pouvez-vous vérifier la question et la réponse 76 de IFR Communication – Merci

    • Je regarde…

      edit: effectivement il y a une erreur que je viens de corriger.
      Il me semble que je vais avoir besoin d’aide pour finir de publier le reste des QCM à  ma disposition. Seul, cela devient compliqué.
      Merci pour l’intérêt que vous portez au site.

  5. After teaching a few students who were worried about the FCL1200/1028 test, I put up some of my material on this website The material is free and will be updated every 3/4 weeks.

    • Thanks a lot about that!
      For some reasons I didn’t know this website before… for shame!
      It is highly informational and is exactly what we need (good luck with the work in progress in your prononciation tab).
      Needless to say the streaming of your material is also for free, keep it like this.
      We need more websites like that.

      You just made it to the top of my list (you’re displayed at

  6. The pronunciation section is now active. It can be accessed from the main page.
    There is a record and playback facility which is demonstrated in one of the links. More exercises are coming soon. Can users give feedback to Next to come is a reading section with tips on answering MCQs and sample MCQ tests.

    • Nice! Soon what I put in my website will pale in comparison to what you added…
      I hope some users will give you feedbacks (as for me, it’s just the “pronunciation” tab that no longer shows in the homepage that tickles me, no big deal)

  7. yes….well spotted..I forgot to adjust the css style sheet menubar width. Fixed now. That’s the value of feedback!!!

  8. Full Flight Enroute 1 now up and running. Full record and playback facility…listen to ATC….then make your reply….Listen to the sample and then use the record and play button to perfect your call by copying the sample……

    • Works fine! I tried the maps and all… Good job!
      I like the use of the voice recorder.
      (I wonder if you should use that too… Well no, your website already does the job)

      • Thanks. Recoded it so it plays in one frame and you only have to accept flash record once for the 20 or so interactions. Should be much quicker and easier to use.

  9. Enroute 2 section now added. Includes record and playback (see how to use rec and playback section) and movies showing progress. We see here the lack of ATC pilot interaction during the enroute phase with basic radio frequency changes as we exit and enter control areas. A nice short spacing change of heading included. Apprach section will be up in the next few days. I will use Paris CDG rwy 27L seeing as most users are from the great French republic.

  10. Greetings from your free Aviation English interactive website.

    Over the busy Summer we have been quite with other projects but now that winter is here we have more time to bring you free interactive aviation English activities.

    Over the last 3 days we have created a new interactive flight which involves departing from Nice Côte d’Azur. Here is link to the new activity

    Remember to check out “how to use the record and playback” to get full value for your time.

    (the ATC was created using artificial voices-feedback on your thoughs on this would be nice)

  11. Hello all

    new redesigned web site. All activities now on the index page. Just click on the “activities” list boxes. A new “ecoute de bande” MCQ listening activity added.

    Comments on the new look welcome.

  12. Hello

    How can I get a logging? It doesn’t work.


  13. Bonjour , quelle est l’adresse mail du service commercial ?

  14. Posting scab lists? So childish. It is in the past. People have to work for various reasons. My partner has terminal cancer and between health insurance and my pay was the only way to keep him alive. You guys make me sick.

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