Royal Air Maroc p2f scandal

This March 23 aired a French TV report about p2f notably (with our proud participation), exposing Small Planet Airlines, Vietjet and Royal Air Maroc among the offenders.

We knew since 2012 Royal Air Maroc (RAM) was involved in pay-to-fly, selling 500 work hours 14,000€ through its subsidiary RAM Express via the Toulouse base of the ETOPS intermediary agency (as proves this contract), but it seems media caught up to further facts only today, triggering a scandal long overdue :

Obviously, RAM denied everything altogether claiming "false allegations, fake testimonials and defamation" in an official press release the same day :

With a coming challenge to court against the TV report producer, we already know how they're going to spin this, arguing their pilots are screened against selection during the p2f program while the report stated accurately that to reach said program, you only have to pay (and not be screened).

We hope this technicality won't distract future investigators from the facts:
RAM does make some of their foreign pilots pay to work... while local pilots asked 2 extra years of education to reach engineer degrees remain unemployed for some reasons.

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  1. Do you have any clue about effective absence of screening in P2F contracts with RAM ?
    RAM denied any contact with BAA. Do you have any info about that ?

    • To enter a p2f agreement with RAM, the prerequisite is to pay and send your credentials (your resumé, copy of your licence, medical and a few pages of your logbook). Is that a screening ? We don’t think so.

      Now, we know for certain RAM takes/took pilots from BAA. We know a few of those pilots that, we hope, will accept to provide the exact contractual setup with clear evidence.

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