Enter Air “training offer” – survey

Van: "Renata Lasota" <>
Onderwerp: Enter Air training offer - survey
augustus 2015

Dear Pilot,

We are pleased to inform that we are planning to launch new training program soon. Therefore, we would like to carry out a survey on the basis of which we will prepare an offer which would meet expectations of the candidates interested.

If you are interested in performing training with us, please fill the questionnaire attached and send it back together with your up-to-date CV with a photo, a copy of your license and a copy of your passport to the address: till: 31.08.2015

On the basis of the questionnaires received, we will prepare an offer which will be suitable for the highest number of candidates. The program will be ready in autumn, and the start date and place of the training has been initially planned for October, Warsaw, Poland.

Please bear in mind that filling in the application does not oblige you to undertake the training. The survey concerns preparing a training program and it is not a job offer. [CockpitSeeker: emphasis added]

We are looking forward to your response!

On behalf of Enter Air Training Department,

Renata Lasota

Flight Crew Training & ATO Specialist
Enter Air Ltd.
Okęcie Business Park
ul. 17 Stycznia 45B, 02-146 Warsaw, Poland


Enter Air Sp. z o.o. Al. Krakowska 106; 02-256 Warszawa, zarejestrowana przez Sąd Rejonowy,
XIII Wydział Gospodarczy dla M. St. Warszawy pod numerem KRS 0000339408,
kapitał zakładowy 3.120.000 PLN, NIP: 701-020-69-59, REGON: 142051272

UWAGA! Niniejsza korespondencja ma charakter ściśle poufny i przeznaczona jest wyłącznie do wiadomości adresata. Jakiekolwiek jej rozpowszechnianie, czytanie, kopiowanie lub korzystanie przez osobe inna niż adresat, bez jego wyraźnej zgody jest wzbronione i jako naruszenie tajemnicy korespondencji może stanowić podstawę do pociągnięcia do odpowiedzialności.
ATTENTION! This information contains strictly confidential or privileged information. It is intended only for the addressee. Any distribution, reading, copying, or use of this communication by anyone other than the addressee without his explicit consent is prohibited and may give rise to liability.

At a time we thought pilots barely have a choice (in the aviation industry), it turns out EnterAir proved us wrong!
Would you rather pay to work with or without a Type Rating with them? Hmmm...

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please remove the following advert: immediately as neither I, nor anyone from my company gave any conscent for this. It is us (Enter Air) who decide how, where and to whom information is passed.
    I would be thankful if you could advice me who forwarded you this message.

    Kind regards

    Renata Lasota

    • Good evening,

      While we appreciate your communication, we regret to inform you that we are unable to process your request. As a professional courtesy however, our information sender is yourself.

      Ultimately, you must know the practices you advertise (along with ATC) are currently under European Commission scrutiny (as per this article), meaning you can rest assured we will make a point of honor to relay your “training” campaign to the very top, free of charge.

      With our compliments,


  2. Pilot’s should get paid for doing 500h at your company…Rgds

  3. Cheap motherfuckers. Why don’t you try getting payroll to do the flying bit?

  4. They sent that “offer” to me also! Who needs a PIMP ?

    What kind of “pilots” accept that?

    Always with afterburner…

    Καλές πτήσεις σε όλους.

  5. I think that the aviation market has changed during recent years and that the pay 2 fly is a response to that. It is hard to get a job now and this is one way to get experience. Of course, nobody wants to pay for flying but it is a way in. There are other ways but if you do not have an option and have your goal of being a pilot I say go for it.

    • Dear Hamid,
      Your claim “it is hard to get a job” is true (since we are thousands unemployed), yet most airlines worldwide feel there’s a pilot shortage (despite the findings of the GAO report of 2014

      It is only high time airlines start paying their pilots for a change instead of advocating paying-to-work schemes.

      Perpetrators only get away with this given aeronautics exponentially outgrew national borders and political will to take efficient action. Not to mention the bullshit propaganda and brainwashing you and some institutions/airlines try to convey (for their profit of course).

      P2f is not a option. It’s an abuse, a fraud and a worldwide scam. No one in his right mind should pay to work and your weakness of character only suggests you might have a financial incentive to play those dealers’ game.

  6. So please, it seems as if you already figured everything out, what is the option? Look for normal jobs? Really? I never tried that. Wait for years so the market turns? Not join a line training and hope that all other pilots do the same and makes the companies start hiring pilots in normal way? I think you are thinking inside the box only; it was like this before and it should be the same again. Things change. Probably in the future TR and LT will be a part of a pilot training program. Almost nobody hires rookies with 0 on type.

    • Does the word dignity mean something to you? Does the word self respect mean something to you? Does the word prostitute means anything to you? Instructor is not an option for you?

      Let me tell you something… no matter how much you love this job-career it remains a job and after sometime becomes routine. You have to be able to support your family and of course yourself. Assuming that you are not around your mother’s skirt you have to work at least 2 jobs in order to collect 30 K for type rating or 70 K for type and line.. maybe even more.

      If you suggest that anyone who is working 12-14h per day to gave all his money back to that kind of practices sorry mate but you must be really rich, live with the help of your parents or don’t have a clue what does it mean WORK !!! This field is not a fairy tale….. Nice and polished planes fly with beautiful clever well paid pilots and attractive cabin crew…M3…clubs…Monte Carlo….Parties….Where do you think you are? In St.Tropez or Mykonos ?

      By having a CPL frozen with 500h of Line Training does not open doors (serious airlines do not accept p2f hours). And yes if you cannot support yourself, to be a pilot is not a dream anymore. Return back to reality please.

      Aerial photography, small cargo, IP, sightseeing, Medevav etc .is a good option to built your time. I know that most airlines will ask 1000h on type but it is up to you if you accept to be a Pilot Prostitute that gives everything to his pimp! Pay 80 K for CPL and conversions plus MCC, JOC, TYPE + LINE, Reduced pay for 1,5 year….

      If you accept once someone to be behind you…. After sometime will be inside you…!

      Unfortunately the problem with p2f is the pilots. TITLE is not everything in life! Oh I am a piot… oh.. I am a pilot! Other things count more.

      If you are 22 OK but if you are older man…

      • Gentlemen please.
        We understand the arguments of one another. P2F is plain wrong and, Hamid, we are indeed being given no chance to find a job the “normal” way.

        I was not patronizing anyone, it’s “ok” to be selfish (if you’re not trying to save your own skin, p2f or not, no one will for you).

        What we must acknowledge is that we have common interests towards which we must act together.

        This monday sept.7th in Paris, talks will be engaged to elaborate an EASA-like anti P2F proposal to change the box while talks with European Commissioners are still underway!

        • “Probably in the future TR and LT will be a part of a pilot training program”

        Well, sort of… 😉

        Stay tuned, and thank you for your input.

  7. Don’t take it personally Hamid… we just make a little fun..

    …but you have to be familiar with the following in order to fulfil your dreams via p2f or self sponsored schemes….

    CIM, CIF, OWO, GFE, PSE, A-LEVEL, COB, DUO, DT, EX-B and remember the overnight charges…..

    Anyways, I hope you realize soon that it is not the end of the world if your first aeroplane is not a BIG JET.

    Η Πόλις εάλω ….

  8. You know nothing about me so please do not write anything about that, perhaps it was jokes but still. I could write a lot of stuff about me that probably would change your opinion about my personality but honestly I do not care what you think about me. (Im not angry, just a FYI)

    It is not about dignity, the world has always been like this. If you want to get somewhere that you really want, do whatever it takes. Of course I understand if you are a young student you will have a lot of loans. But why dont you encourage young people do something else instead of becoming a pilot at young age? Like I did; masters degree and army service. Built up a capital (so no mothers skirt) and then do what you like. I still think the same, you are inside the box and see nothing beyond the box. Its not about dignity, its about getting in to the aviation business as soon as possible to start building experience. Its about the feeling that you actually do something instead of becoming an instructor and hope that you one day have enough hours that will EVENTUALLY make you qualified to send a job application to somewhere, which it most probably does not. You can have 10 000 hours on props and still will not get an assessment. Even if you get a job as a jet pilot, the most companies does not pay for your type rating. So is it ok to pay for type rating but not line training? There is a reason why it is called line training, it is still training.

    Honestly, I think it is bullshit that many companies do not accept P2F pilots. What does it matter how you got the experience if you are as good as other pilots?

    • And I do not take anything personally. It is easy for people to write bad stuff when you only see a screen. I know you probably do not mean anything bad with it. Hope you all succeed with your objectives and that P2F actually becomes forbidden but honestly I do not see that coming in near future and I want to start flying. The golden age is gone, look ahead and adapt.

      • In our case you mean: “[…] look ahead and adapt pay” because that’s what it’s all about.

        If you took the time to read the p2f wiki définition, you’d realise we DO consider TR as a form of p2f and LT is NOT a training (well, except if you were always used to carry passengers during your CPL/IR).

        Because “the world has always been like this” doesn’t mean it’s right. But why help change it when it is so much easier to pay, right?
        Forget it.

  9. Anyway, good effort but unfortunately I doubt it will do anything. When there is money to be made or if costs are high, people with high positions and politicians will never support. I hope Im wrong. Good luck with your objectives but Im not going to sit and wait.

  10. Nobody says to sit and wait until you see light at the end of the tunnel… You have to be active but at the same time respect your profession. With the same logic someone that does not have the money for initial training can make an armed robbery to find it with the excuse that loves too much the pilot TITLE? No! You do everything but you must remain solid while you are in the job hunt!

    You have to be a true pilot even if you fly a piper cadet as an IP. In other words to maintain critical-lateral thinking and situational awareness. What critical thinking and leadership skills does someone exhibit when is fully ready to pay in order to work… What?? Tell me what? He /she is dangerous!

    Imagine the army to say ….you pay for your clothes (Like in Ryanair, pilots + cabin crew pay for their uniform, medical exams, insurance, food, table WATER even for the company ID) you pay to eat inside, you pay for your training….WTF? Or…. in an office your boss to tell you: pay when the copy machine brakes, pay for the INK, pay for the pens, pay to clean…..reduced pay for 18 months because I train you…..

    Don’t forget that you work and you provide a very important service to them. The companies take advantage of the PILOT TITLE (TOP GUN) and they have a PARTY big time!!!

    I DON”T BLAME THEM with so many idiots around!

    With so many @@@@@ in the future they will make you pay even for the AIR that you breath in the cockpit!!

    Everybody knows the terrible situation with the unemployed pilots but it is very dirty what is going on.

    You are not a pilot prostitute Humid! For example even if I had the opportunity to pay 70 K for 500h line I wouldn’t do it for the simple reason I don’t like someone touching my assss.

    Why to fly passengers (WORK)… for 10-11h and nothing in your pocket why?? Because someone is taking advantage of your “passion” and maybe TITLE ??

    Keep in mind this is NOT personal and I don’t like to be a man behind my keyboard. Nothing personal Humid! We have an active discussion with a sense of humour.

    Good luck to you and have nice flights.

    Καλή εβδομάδα.

  11. Hey ya’ll,
    well, I did join the line training above. After 125 h I terminated contract since I got a paying job and from now on things will go smooth. So, was it worth it? Definitely. If I didn’t do it I still would have been at home doing nothing.

    They do use us, that is true, but still I can’t stop feeling grateful since their training opened up another door for me. Say what u like but at least I finally have a good job 🙂

    Wish u guys all the best and that u find jobs without going through what I went through. However, it is a way in.

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