Job search: Germany* spring 2011

CockpitSeeker in Germany
(Click to enlarge) 7h30 straight from A (Douai) to B (Munich)

Don't get me wrong, this wasn't for Lufthansa but for a company based in Jakarta -Indonesia- called Susiair!susiair, indonesiaFirst things first: as of now, they recruit!!
I passed their tests + interview yesterday (31/03/2011) and I understood that 2 more candidates were expected today.

The company seems pretty young (understand that they take young pilots), they have 29 Cessna Caravan and... bah, check their website!

'Modus operandi'

  • the COMPASS test (computer - joystick+pedals, joystick 3x90", orientation, math (24Q), memory, psy personality (245Q!!), timed except the personality test)
  • MCQ knowledge (paper - 2x24Q, Cessna caravan knowledge + IR first, then CPL/IR questions, untimed)
  • Interview (if asked, tell them you heard from them through us 😉 )

Expect around 4h total. If you ever wanted to apply:

* depending on their schedule, interviews can be elsewhere.

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