Choosing a Microsoft Certification Exam for Your Career Advancement

In the IT field, validating your credentials is crucial to career advancement. Earning Microsoft certifications is a fundamental aspect of most every career path in the field as well. For this reason, you’ll want to consider going after a few Microsoft certification exams during the course of your career, but knowing which one to pursue at the start is a bit challenging for some. After all, there are several certification programs offered by Microsoft and knowing which will serve you best in your career is a little confusing at times.

The best way to decide which Microsoft certification exam may be right for you is to look at the current position you hold as well as the place you’d like to achieve with your career. Selecting an exam that will immediately benefit you in your current position is a valid option. Choosing one that will also serve as a stepping stone for your career path and long term career goals is also recommended.

Strategically reviewing your options means asking yourself some key questions. First, you should determine if the exam will increase job security, earnings potential or other aspects of your current employment situation. Secondly, you should consider if the Microsoft certification exam will give you more marketable skills and make you a more attractive job candidate. No matter which certification exam from Microsoft you intend to take, you’ll want to stage yourself for success with the test by using a good exam prep service like


CockpitSeeker’s 2nd copyright infringement notice

It wasn't long since we had another copyright infringement warning (the 1st was issued from the ICAO itself), this time issued by Aviation Exam on august 2nd 2012.
Aviation Exam?
Yeah, this company that released this huge question bank you have spent nights on copying at school you wholeheartedly spent your last bucks on.
Good times 😉

Dear Sir/Madame,

I'd like to inform you that you are infringing copyright of Aviationexam s. r. o. while publishing following materials on your web page:

Remove this material immediately.


Vera Vondraskova

Matter solved, said files were just on the website's server for my personnal use and have been locked.


CockpitSeeker faces 1st copyright infringement warning

A matter (now solved, the file has been removed) that hit us yesterday, june 11th 2012.
We received the following mail:

*** Sent via Email - DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement ***

Dear Sir/Madam,

I certify under penalty of perjury, that I am an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the intellectual property rights and that the information contained in this notice is accurate.

I have a good faith belief that the page or material listed below is not authorized by law for use by the individual(s) associated with the identified page listed below or their agents and therefore infringes the copyright owner's rights.


This notice is sent pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the European Union's Directive on the Harmonisation of Certain Aspects of Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society (2001/29/EC), and/or other laws and regulations relevant in European Union member states or other jurisdictions.

My contact information is as follows:

Organization name: Attributor Corporation as agent for Rights Holders listed below
Phone: 650-340-9601
Mailing address:
119 South B Street
Suite A,
San Mateo, CA 94401

My electronic signature follows:
/E Siddiqui/
E. Siddiqui
Attributor, Inc.


Infringing page/material that I demand be disabled or removed in consideration of the above:

Rights Holder: ICAO

Original Work: Personnel Licensing 11th Edition
Infringing URL: annexes & amendments (official)/ANEXO 01 - PERSONNEL LICENSING.pdf

It appears this file was up for grab for a 91 dollars fee, as visible in the ICAO 2012 catalogue.

This file was interesting as it contained information required for the good completion of the "air law" ATPL module, a part of the theoretical pilot exam. We had it published in our ATPL/Theoretical/010 page.

CockpitSeeker deplores that general aviation knowledge should be made paying, forcing everyone to submit to the money toll to get the information to, 1.succeed to pilots' exams & 2.maintain one's knowledge up to date to perform flights in all safety.


Job search: ENAC

ENAC - Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation CivileThis piece of news reached many ears. Ending April 27th 2012, the well-known ENAC opened a round of flight instructor recruitment with the following applicant requirements:

  • must hold CPL(A) + unrestricted FI(A) + FCL1.200 or QRI
  • theoretical ATPL
  • ICAO english proficiency level 4...

... as mentionned in the recruitment page.
I submitted my application the day before the dead line and got my answer a week later:


Vous avez déposé votre candidature auprès de l'Enac, afin de participer à
la sélection de personnels navigants technique de la DGAC.

Compte tenu des informations relatives à votre profil dont le jury
disposait lors de l'examen des dossiers, il n’est malheureusement pas
possible de donner une suite favorable à votre candidature.

En effet, les critères de cette sélection ont été établis comme suit :

- FI complet (non restreint)
- ATPL théorique
- FCL 1.200 ou QRI
- FCL 1.028 Niveau 4 à jour
- 1000 heures d'instruction [note to self: "new requirement ahead! I should have seen that one coming..."] en qualité de FI (A).

Toutefois, je vous invite à consulter régulièrement la page "recrutement"
du site internet de l'Enac et à renouveler votre candidature si à l'avenir,
vous correspondez au profil établi.

Restant à votre disposition pour toute information qui vous serait
nécessaire, je vous souhaite bonne réception.

BP 30080
rue de l'aviation
31603 MURET Cédex

Tel. :
Fax. :


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This post was originally published on February 20th 2011, since new documents are still added, I make a duplicate to put it back to the top:

  • EU OPS (accurate at this date) download (eng) download (fr)
  • IR knowledge summary (91p) download (fr)
  • official DGAC revalidation test form download (fr)
  • Jeppesen Enroute Chart Legend (intro ONLY) download (eng)
  • cockpitseeker

  • IFR practices courses download (fr)
  • revalidation course guide (EPAG type) download (fr)
  • IFR nav log (EPAG type, my favourite so far ^^) download
  • IFR journey preparation (ESMA type) download (fr)
  • Visual Flight Rules (2009) download (fr)
  • VFR reminder download (fr)
  • Airspace class, ground/air, tower/air, interception signals reminder (very useful!) download (fr)
  • QNH, QFE, FL (a brief reminder) download (eng)
  • B737 500 IRS FMS ('can't remember where I got that!) download (fr)
  • Meteo aviation guide (*UPDATED* Meteo France file 2011-2013) download (fr)
  • G1000 manual (DA42) download
  • G1000 DA42 virtual training program download
  • GNS 430 Trainer (a program) download
  • GARMIN 400 Series Trainer (another program) download
  • Licenses validity/revalidation conditions reminder download (fr)
  • virtual log book (automatic hours counting! -courtesy B.L-) download
  • detailed log book (excel file courtesy S.G!) download
  • blank flight plan download
  • How to fill a flight plan download (fr)
  • BIA exam (full feedback, 2004 test questions + answers!) download
  • QCM for ULM test (training program - 878Q) download (fr)

(updated 18/02/2012) As usual if you have anything to share with us you know the door.

note: If you find these documents useful and still are looking for a job, don't forget to put your cv and spread the word.


E-store is live!

We had this idea in the pipes for some time now and couldn't figure if it was doable.
Well guess what, we made it!
And it's now with relief that we announce the opening of our own store!

What good is it going to do?

That's up to what we have in mind but it could be virtually anything:

  • selling gears/downloadable files to help develop the website of course
  • going further by selling anyone's old lesson books for instance (crap, ebay already does that)
  • or whatnot!

Let's assume this is going to be an opening window of opportunity to say the least.

If we made it would you buy it?If we made it would you buy it?Up to you

Job search: CTC

ctc wingsI tried to apply for the CTC cadet program the 5th of december (they supply pilots for British Airways and Easy Jet among others).
After having filled their EXTENSIVE future-trainee form, here is what I received the day after (it seems I don't fit... but you, have a try!):

Application No:XXXXXXXXX

Thank you for your application to the CTC Wings programme.

Following a careful review of your completed application, we regret to advise you that you do not meet the selection criteria for the CTC Wings ATP programme and will therefore not be taking your application forward to the next stage.

We realise this decision will be a disappointment to you, however, may we thank you again for the time you have given to your application and wish you every success in the future.

For your own peace of mind, you should be aware that the records of the assessment process are confidential and will not be revealed to a third party under any circumstances.


CTC Wings Selection

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Job search: Swiss

Here is a mail I received the 5th of december, answering an enquiry I made the day before.


We thank you for your interest and your request/ application referring a pilot position within SWISS.

At the moment we don’t accept applications from direct or ready entries. As soon as the situation changes it will be published on our homepage:

Please note: It is a must to have very good German and English language skills when applying as cockpit crew member within SWISS.
And also, that you cannot apply for the ab initio program, when you get a CPL license. The ab initio program is for people without flight experience and no CPL license.


Sabine Taxer
Flight Crew and Management Assessment Center
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
Schulgebäude E, E656
CH-8058 Zurich-Flughafen
Tel. +41 44 564 57 70/61

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