Things of the past

Last week, when doing my flying club's Jeppesen paper charts updates (painful, I can relate ;)), I noticed LORAN (LOng Range Navigation-C system) no longer had its description in the Volume 1 - Radio Aids section!

Indeed, LORAN transmissions were terminated 2 years ago (08 Feb 2010), however, it's only recently (the August 2012 Jeppesen update) that they removed a 2 pages worth chunk of data.

Ladies and Gents for history's sake:


I never understood why we had lessons about it during ATPL courses and question banks anyway.
If I'm not mistaken we didn't even have LORAN coverage in Europe.

Funny fact: the LORAN topic has been superseded by a description of the... GPS!
Jeppesen goes modern, and our generation of pilots is in for an interesting period:

To match such breakthrough even Garmin developed a touch-sensitive screen tech to go with their G2000 flight deck, an advanced version of the G1000 that equips for instance Diamond's light twin-engine standard DA42.

Bearing such inputs in mind can someone explain to me why in late 2012 in France, Jeppesen paper manual updates aren't... a thing of the past? 😉

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